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A Complete List of Pokémon Sword And Shield Leaks – Flooded All Over The Internet

Oct 11, 2020 | 1 comment

Pokémon Sword and shield is going to be released by Nintendo Switch this week on November 15. The wait is not so long, but some people and fans are still working on this game held responsible for Pokémon sword and shield leaks.

Sword and shield are the generation 8th game of this series. But it is the first latest generation game with Nintendo Switch. Manufacturers added some new features like Gigantamax. By using this, Pokémon grow to enlarge in size for doubling up his power level.

Pokémon sword and shield comes up with a striking graphic update. It is Nintendo’s topmost ambitious game and very popular among gamers. And so is come with controversy. Game Freaks officially announced that the Pokémon from all the generations would return this year. But here are spoilers ahead!! They revealed Pokémon sword and shield starter leaks, and it has a complete list of upcoming features.

1. Pokémon Sword and Shield Starter Leaks

From the first time the announcement of Pokémon sword and shield, we all knew about game starters. That is

  • Grookey
  • Scorbunny
  • Sobble

Although there are many predictions about the upgrade and evolution of all three starters, Pokémon sword and shield starter leaks provide us further information.

Evolution of Grookey 

The evolution of Grookey to Thwackey takes place, which then transforms into Rillaboom. The very efficient design of the grass starter. All characters are purely grass types.

Evolution of Sobble

Sobble evolved into Pokémon named as Drizzle, a reptile-like creature. Then into a humanoid reptilian character Intelleon. Yet we are not sure about their types.

Evolution of Scorbunny

At last, Scorbunny transformed into Raboot and then finally evolves into Cinderace. It is a very smooth-running design. Its transformations are pure fire type.


2. New Pokémon – a sum-up of all 400 forms

This chart was leaked by ResetEra, provide a lot of information. We all knew the Galarian group from Pokémon. This includes

  • Wheezing
  • Zigzagoon
  • Meowth
  • Ponyta and many more.

New Pokémon characters are also added in Pokémon sword and shield, bringing the list of all Pokémon extended to over 900 characters. New and old Pokémon are present in this generation. Old Pokémon are returned. So, on the whole, there’s 400 Pokémon included in sword and shield. Some of them are included in different versions and forms.  Some of them are a starter, and some come at a later stage.

3. Legendaries

One of the exciting eradication is of legendary Pokémon characters Zacian, and the other is Zamazenta. It seems that versions are present is a sword and shield instead of the original one. This is similar to previous generations like Giratina, kyogre and Thundurus in omega ruby and alpha sapphire remake. Zacians base of the Pokémon sword has a fairy-like theme. Zamazentas base is like a fighting type. In sword and shield versions, they retain their previous styles and attain steel type forms.


Another legendary character of the Pokémon series us Eternatus, the last and final Pokémon in the game and maybe a final boss. He has two different forms. One leak exposes that Eternatus, the last in Pokémon sword and shield. The Pokémon sword and shield evolution leaks revealed several gameplay, mechanics and evolution of different forms before the releasing date. It will release across the world on November 15.

Nintendo’ Pokémon Sword And Shield’ Leaked Online

The number of leaks occurs very often in the gaming industry. These leaks are severe in their ways, based on their levels. The same thing was to happen last year when pictures of unannounced and latest Pokémon start leaking online. But for this year, Nintendo found out the culprit and blacklisted them publically.  FNintendo, a fan site of Nintendo, held responsible for this leak. They admitted that Nintendo sent them a copy of the Pokémon sword and shield for reviewing it. We were agreed to all the guidelines from Nintendo, but one of our viewers leaked the game data.


Nintendo, Along with the Pokémon company, takes legal action and immediately identify the culprit. FNintendo is not able to handle confidential information like that. As a result of this tragedy, there’s no longer an agreement between Nintendo and fan site FNintendo. FNintendo confirms this statement, as well.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokedex Leaks

As Nintendo has announced Pokémon sword and shield. And floodgates were opened all over the internet. Reset Era forums Leaks were hitting the web frequently. Even one major leak gives detailed information. This is the Pokémon sword, and shield Pokedex leaks revealed the whole Gallar Pokedex.

It has claimed that Eighty-one new Pokémon will appear in generation 8 of the game. Thirteen of them are in the galitarian version. Pokémon sword and shield Pokedex Leaks revealed a complete listing of Pokémon generation 8 forms along with the names from starter evolution.

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Despite their authenticity, these image leaks are present all over the web. The images included are of evolutionary forms of Grookie and Sobble of Pokémon. Along with some Galarian forms, for instance, Meowth and Perrseker are considered the old form of Galarian Meowth. You can find these leaks information on the Reddit site.


As Pokémon sword and shield is overwhelmed by frequent leaks, The company had to take appropriate measures. Nintendo bans the sharing of posters on different torrent websites. Although the company has revealed significantly less information regarding Galarian Ponyta, it seems that it will be the exclusive variant of Pokémon sword and shield. The Unique Horn form of Pokémon was unleashed in just 24 hours. The game was the live stream and showed some footage of the forest area of Glimwood Tangle of Galar region.

Reaction of Fans and Critics

As far as reviews are concerned, fans are upset after Pokémon sword and shield leaks and the omissions of many classic forms of Pokémon in generation 8. It looks like there’s something unique this time. Now we are looking forward to fans’ and critics’ reactions and the impact of leaks on the Swords and shield business.


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