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I'm Aqib Saleem , Law student from South Punjab. Currently, I m working with various organizations & societies including National Youth Assembly.

Let’s not be ungrateful for what we have and be thankful for all the blessing of God

Mar 12, 2022 | 0 comments

Imagine it’s a dark night, you are sleeping in your room, your door is creaking, the window panes are rattling due to the wind that is howling and suddenly your teddy bear asks you, “Could you please share your blanket with me?”

What might your reaction be? Would you faint? Or scream out aloud and you might even slap yourself to wake up from this nightmare and when you will see that your teddy bear is reaching for the blanket. You would probably run out of the room!

What if toys could come to life and really talk? It would be pretty scary in the beginning but later on you will really enjoy it once you get used to them chatting with you. You could play with them and talk to them when nobody is willing to give you company; when you have lost all your trustworthy friends, you could share your secrets with the toys and if you want to play a prank on someone, the toys would be of great help!

But if toys could talk, the purpose of a toy would not be there because a toy is a man-made figure that is stationary or can only do certain programmed tasks if it is powered with batteries. But thank goodness it cannot talk or work on its own, otherwise kids would make toys their best friends and be more attached to them than to humans. So let’s not be ungrateful for what we have and be thankful for all the blessing of God.



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