Panasonic Lumix 4k Point And Shoot Camera

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If you love to do photography, you will be concerned about the photographic quality of both equipment and the resulting image. And if you are looking for compact travel yet affordable vlogging camera that can film in 4K. Well, don’t look further than the Panasonic Lumix 4K point and shoot camera.

Nowadays, many smartphones are also filming 4K, but you will not have a 30x optical zoom feature within those devices, and that’s what great about the Panasonic Lumix 4k. 

Features Of Panasonic Lumix 4K point and shoot camera

From Panasonic Lumix ZS-70, popularly known as TZ-90. You can get a massive 3-inch flip-up touch screen to see yourself recording, which has a 180-degree blog and selfie-style flip.

This feature is not often coming with many other cameras that compete with it. It has a 30x optical zoom lens. Besides, you will have the ability to swap the battery and SD card to record for a long time. Besides this, its 4K features set this camera apart, and are much cheaper than other 4K cameras.

Ultrazoom Feature

TZ90 is the part of Lumix T5 Ultra zoom cameras; these are pocket-sized cameras with an incredible zoom range. In fact, it has 20.3-megapixel sensors and the ability to shoot 4K videos at 30 frames per second. Is it still worth it?

Most interesting in 2020, TZ-90 is still one of the most compact superzoom cameras, which lies under $350. Moreover, it is absolutely one of the cheapest pocket-size cameras. As far as its form is concerning, it is definitely a compact camera; however, it is quite heavy.

It has a classic Panasonic rectangular shape made of aluminum. Also, it has a rubberized grip on the front, which makes it easy to grip with one hand on the back. And it also has a very bright and clean control button. In fact, it has an electronic viewfinder, which is super easy to use in the daylight since the screen is not very useful in sunlight. 

On top of the camera, it has a mode dial, which switches between the different modes of the camera. There are the shutter button and the ring for zooming. Besides the mode dial, there is an on/off switch and a dedicated video recording switch.

On the camera side, you have the mini HDMI port and charging with micro USB without taking the battery out. You have a 40-inch mount adaptor, shower, and memory card on the bottom of the camera.

Flexibility With 30x LEICA DC Lens

It uses a Leica 4.3-26.4 30x optical lens, equivalent to 24 to 720 millimeters. This camera does vary from video to photo mode and 4K video mode. Video can record at 180p in 60 frames per second, and for 4K, it can record at 30-25 frames per second. As well as, it can shoot slow-motion in 720 p or VGA at a hundred or 200 frames per second. Also, it has a built-in 5 Axis MH stabilizer, which does a great job at stabilizing videos and photos.

Capture Modes

Panasonic Lumix ZS-70 has two modes of capturing, Exact and Offset. Exact mode points on the area where you tap on the screen whereas, the offset mode works like a trackpad moving as you drag on the net. 

Sharp Detail Rendered

20.3 MP high sensitivity MOS sensor provides you the high-quality images. With the combination of the Venus Engine to take stunning captures even in the dim light.

See It All With High Precision

Bright sunlight sometimes affects your camera and makes it difficult to see at the camera’s screen. With the Electronic Viewfinder, Panasonic Lumix ZS-70 automatically turns on when you lift the camera, so you can catch every detail. It is providing a bit brighter yet detailed view. 

Take A Selfie In 4K Mode.

Get a perfect selfie with a 180-degree tilt able screen. You can capture your 4k quality moments at 30 fps and save it at 8 MP high-resolution images. 

Pros And Cons Of Panasonic Lumix 4K point and shoot camera


  • Panasonic Lumix 4K point and shoot cameras have focus peaking 4K, photo mode, post focus, and face detection.
  • It has the 30x superzoom feature with 20.3-megapixel sensors
  • A stabilized video and photos result with a built-in 5 Axis MH stabilizer. 
  • It is super easy to use in auto mode and performs very well.
  • Besides this, it has an onboard mic.
  • Its battery life is up to one hour for 4K videos.
  • For casual usage, it will easily last for a whole day.


  • Having a risk of overheating, it will limit the battery life to a 15-minute clip in 4K and 30 minutes in full HD mode.
  • And also it does come with the charger.
  • Moreover, it does not support the external mic feature.
  • It does not perform so well in low light.

Why Should You Buy This?

Panasonic Lumix 4K point and shoot camera is an excellent travel blog and an everyday camera that produces 4K video and superzoom at low cost and is only under $350. Its handling and control features make it exceptionally a great product to use if you love filming or vlogging; this is the best fit for you.

Size And Weight

Travel camera must be small in size and light in weight. It makes you more comfortable to use and convenient to handle.

Manual Setting

Professional photographers always hold that type of camera that can have the manual setting into it. The perfect travel cameras control the perfect shots in all conditions.


High megapixels always gives the right results. Always pick the travel camera having a high resolution to get the perfect effect.

Zoom Range

A zoom lens is always an important feature that should be considered before buying any travel camera. Especially for wildlife photography, cameras with high-quality zoom lenses are the perfect match.

4K/ HD Video

Most of the cameras have 1080p video quality, but nowadays, most of the travel cameras have 4K capability. 

Interchangeable Lens

The utmost quality of travel cameras is their interchangeable lens quality. It will allow you to pick the camera lens according to different situations.



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