Advancements In Artificial Intelligence Are Scary!

Sep 30, 2020 | 1 comment

Advancements in artificial intelligence are terrifying and too scary. Artificial intelligence has developed a movie script. Have you ever imagined that you could watch a movie that is entirely written by artificial intelligence? Pretty impressive, right!

Note that artificial intelligence does not know a word of English. You will notice that the movie will not make such a sense, or it eat sentence will make a lot of sense. 

These types of movies of artificial neural networks are known as long/short term memory of LSDM current neural network. It is one of the examples of advancements in artificial intelligence.

A series of Sci-Fi screenplays train this LSDM network. LSDM systems are types of recurrent neural networks that are designed to consider temporal dimensions. Having memory affects our internal state error, current neural networks contain a temporal lobe. The hidden layer gives output, but it feeds itself as well recurrent neural networks can recall what happened in the previous timestamp.

It works great with a sequence of text. We still have a long way to go with artificial intelligence but imagine what type of scripts fake intelligence script writes in the next 20 years.

Advancements In Artificial Intelligence

AI Can Create Human Faces

Have you ever imagined that intelligence could create human faces that have never existed on earth before? It has made the faces that have never walked the world back. Generative adversarial networks generate, please type of face images.

These are formed of two competing networks known as the generator and discriminator. Gans work file having a generative system, for we can call it the counterfeiter who has been trained to create fake dollars that are indistinguishable from real ones, which shows that the bank has generated them.

The discriminator network is being trained to determine if money is real or fake. The counterfeiter is trying to make a fool by pretending that he has generated an actual dollar bill. In contrast, the discriminator will detect counterfeit money and provide feedback to the generator about why he thinks it is fake. 

Over time the generator will become an expert generating new money that he cannot distinguish from a real one. This might happen that the discriminated will fail to tell the difference between fake and real money.

These types of networks could be used to generate images that have never existed before, which is pretty incredible.

Deep Mind – Advancements In Artificial Intelligence

Research shows that a deep mind has developed a simple 2D Apple gathering game. The idea is to train Asians to collect apples and maximize community rewards using deep reinforcement learning.

Reinforcement algorithms learn by trial and error through reward and penalty. The algorithm consists of two elements: the environment and the running agent to stop the environment and reverse the agent for perfect actions. Based on the awards or penalty, agents improve their environmental knowledge to make better decisions in the future.

For example, suppose the kid touches the candle. In that case, it will be slammed, so the kid would never do that again if the kid feels a toy and will get rewarded, so he started doing this over and over again to maximize the overall reward.

This game has the same rules as this example: if the Asian gathers the apples, he would be rewarded by one, and Apple will disappear from the competition.

Researchers found that patients have learned to be overly aggressive when the sources are scared or limited. And their abundance of resources like apples in this game, less aggressive policies is taken, agents. When the numbers of Apple were low, the Asians tended to be bold and destroy the competition.

Questions Arises

What would humans do with this aggressiveness? Have you ever thought that artificial intelligence could dream or hallucinate much like humans?

Yes, artificial intelligence could dream and illusion, just like humans. This algorithm is known as deep trim. The deep edge is a computer vision algorithm created by Alexander. More vent served from Google; it works by creating a dreamlike effect. It is like giving humans a potent drug.

Remember yourself as a child looking at the sky in trying to interpret the shapes of Clouds and asking yourself if this is a hole or cat or anything.

Deep Dream Algorithm

A deep dream algorithm does the same thing, just like humans. The dream algorithm works by giving an AI and merely trying to boost the pattern that it sees in the input image based on what has been trained to see in the past.

If an artificial neural network has been trained to see animal faces in the past, It will show these faces everywhere in the input image. 

Facebook artificial intelligence research has announced that they had to shut down AI that has officially created their language Facebook designed to chat birds that have started to communicate with each other. The objective of train the artificial agents to negotiate with each other using chat messages in Plain English language. They are artificial agents learned quite fast using trials and errors. The techniques used in this research are known as reinforcement learning, which is simply a trained agent to maximize cumulative rewards.

So what’s scary in Artificial intelligence Advancements 

 I think that is scary because if artificial intelligence could do this, we are at the turning point where we can find AI making their own decisions creating their languages, and becoming out of control. Imagine that if artificial intelligence could create a language that humans are not capable of understanding one day.

It is scary. Isn’t it?

Al is revolution day by day, but the advancements are truly scary? Now you can imagine what artificial intelligence could do in the next decade. The technology is massively progressing. It is everywhere in the universe, whether face and speech recognition, natural language processors like Siri and Alexa, self-driving cars, movie recommender systems, and even robotics applications. 


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  1. Muhammad Rashid Khan

    Nice article
    Every invention has negative and positive expects artificial intelligence will become a Temptation (Fitna) in future.


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