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In many states, the insurance of motorcycle is required meaning that drivers need some protection. For the young male driver, understanding how much is motorcycle insurance for a young the figure reaching about 1,000$. He will also pay the more premiums per year for a full coverage. Every year, a thousand of accident occur and may leads to serious issues or injuries. So, a young driver is required to meet with the financial and medical expense that is tens of thousands of dollar.

There are different types of insurance policies for peoples. The people choose the package that is compact-able with their needs. How much is motorcycle insurance depend on many factors like location, speed, model, etc.




This is the total insurance of year and usually required by creditor if loan used to protected ownership of bike. The average coverage runs up to 1,000$ per year. The amount of payment depends upon gender, driving way of drivers and many other factors. Usually the women pay more premiums than men.


This is most affordable bike insurance for 20 year old and under 20 represents minimum requirement. This methods help in both conditions for uninsured and underinsured motorist. This is same like car policy. By this you can manage small damage on your motor cycle.


This type of insurance will help you in the hitting case with car, trucks and other vehicles. It is limited, but you cover the usual damage of motor cycle. This is best premium insurance for 20 year old driver if you save money.


It is very common type because the stealing of motor cycle is very easy than cars or other vehicles. This type of insurance will provide full expenses if bike is missing. You can reduce the insurance by adding the anti-theft feature.

Med pay:-

There is many other type of insurance for the bike. This type is for the any damage, injury and scratches on the body of bike. If you feel it is necessary for your protection then add it.

Factors on which insurance amount depend:-

There are many factors on which premium for motor cycle depends. Insurance companies determine all factors while making of insurance packages level.

Driving record:-

The driving record of new motorist is very bad than any experienced person. Record of new motorist with many accidents and lack of experience will pay more premium then experienced person. The old driver pay less because he has much knowledge how to driver on normal street or in highway.


The premium also depends on the location. The people lives in village or rural area pay less because there is no huge traffic, because the less chance of accident. While the people living in the city or high-accident area pay more insurance.

Model & Power:-

Similarly other factors, the latest model of bike demand high amount of insurance. The rider of new model bikes pays more. The old model bikes require small amount premiums. The power of bike less then 125cc will reduce the insurance billing amount per year.

The best motor cycle insurance for your biker:-

The best bike protection at 20 will start by selecting right package according to your needs and save money.

  • You will select one company for the insurance of your bike, car and house.
  • The higher deductible bike, the less will you pay insurance.
  • The safety courses teach by the insurance companies for new driver. This safety course is for few hours and training the new riders. By this course the risk of accident reduced.



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