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traditional dishes of pakistan
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Traditional Dishes of Pakistan |6 Popular Dishes

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Pakistani dishes are full of nutrients, with fewer vegetables and a tremendous amount of meat. The traditional dishes of Pakistan are famous for their  unique natural spices and herbs, each dish comes with a deep historical background. On the other hand, traditional dishes vary from one province to another. Because the person of the local region has its taste and wanted that dish in their way. The popularity of any dish depends on the eaten regularity in the country.

The Pakistani loves to eat their desi food either that’s too much oily and spicy. Pakistani food is spicier as compared to other countries in the world. Every state has a unique dish that represents it. As the national dish of Pakistan is nihari. It eats almost every city, but cooking varies according to the taste of local area people.

Popular Traditional Dishes Of Pakistan

The traditional dishes of Pakistan are as follow

NIHARI Among Traditional Dishes Of Pakistan

Nihari is the most famous traditional dish in the entire country. It mostly served in breakfast and especially for guests. The nihari is mainly serving with Khamari roti with some fresh slice of lemon and ginger. The dish consists of slowly hard-boiled meat like beef shanks, mutton, or chicken.

The meat is hard-boiling in conjunction with stock and diverse spices like cumin, cloves, garam masala, and cardamom in massive vessels that area unit sealed with dough. The change of state method permits the dish to soak up the flavourous bone marrow absolutely, making one in all the best-tasting meat dishes within the world.


Without the traditional dish biryani, our dining experience or wedding can’t imagine. Pakistan is the largest consumer and cultivator of rice. The Basmati is the most famous type used for biryani.

Biryani varies by name, tastes from different cities like Lahori biryani, Mutton biryani, Sindhi biryani, Tikka biryani, and Aaloo biryani. The color of biryani by the herbs and spices and cooked with lemon juice for more taste. In some areas, people use the pickle of mango and carrot to add flavor or spicier.


Saji is a traditional dish that belongs to the Baluchistan province. It mostly served in the friend’s reunion—the whole piece of lamb marinated with herbs overnight and stuff with rice. The skewer and roasting cook it for several hours.

Traditionally, whole chickens area unit cooked over Associate in the Nursing shoot, so the burning wood imparts a smoky flavor to the meat. Once correctly ready, the heart ought to be crisp on the surface, nonetheless juicy and tender on the within, and customers usually squeeze juice over the meat before feeding. It is counseled to serve sajji with rice, naan bread, and side dish dip.


Halwa puri is the superior breakfast having on Sunday in Pakistan but also all over the world. The combination of colors attracts people. A puri is made by the dough, which fries in the oil. The puri served with the masala chana and halwa. Halwa is the sweet dish made by suji.

It is formed into a thin, flat disk, so sometimes cook till it puffs up. Recent and hot poori is historically among sweet flour halwa or sooji halwa. Alternative typical accompaniments to halwa poori embrace aloo ki bhaji that may be a flavor-packed potato dish, and cholay, a traditional Pakistani dish supported chickpeas combined with spices.

HALEEM One Of Traditional Dishes Of Pakistan

Haleem is a mixture of pulses and chicken. The main ingredients used in this are rice, chicken or beef, maize, or barley. Traditional dish haleem demands to be cook by a professional cook. It takes about 6 to 7 hours for cooking because the unique spices and lentils required time to mix properly. The final look haleem is like the paste and mostly served with naan. The mild-spicy haleem is the best option for lunch.


Kheer is one of the traditional dishes in the desert of Pakistan. It belongs to the Punjab province. Moreover, it is also referring to as rice pudding. The ingredient used in the making of kheer is sugar, milk, and rice. The dry fruits add to enhance the taste—the mostly desert garnish with different nuts like cashews, pistachios, almonds. Also, saffron use that gives an alluring tinge that malts your mouth.



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