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Best Cell Phone Companies In USA

Nov 22, 2020 | 0 comments

In this world, many companies make smartphones with the latest features and do their best. But the difficulties for any buyer is that which best and reliable for him/her. In this article, I have assembled a list of best cell phone companies in USA.

As we live in the modern world and the age of new technologies. Moreover, everything is based on technology devices in daily life, and here the mobiles are one of them. Thus use of mobile increased day by day and become like an inherited part of life.

Popular Cell Phone Companies in USA

Here the top best cell phone companies which are most popular in the USA.


Apple is an American multinational company and considered one of 4 big tech companies. This company took place in April 1976. Overall more than 500 retail stores present across the world. This company provides hardware products as well as software. Their software includes mac OS, iPad, and iOS, and tvOS operating system.

In 2020, the apple company holds 2nd ranking—the apple’s mobile known for its specific shapes and features. The central part is the software of their products made by them. Apple’s company product manufacturers first drove the new product for their use. Also, this company shares the Global market by about 22.4%. Recently, the new model launched in 2019, iPhone 11 pro, and the latest iPhone 12 in 2020.


BLU stands bold like us.BLU Products is an American multinational company. The headquarter of the company in Miami and Florida city. Samuel founded this company in 1995. And the warehouse store with 80,000 square ft available.

BLU Products Company designs BLU designs and mobiles. The cost of this company is mobile low. This company first launched his model in 2010—the net worth of this company, about 2 billion dollars.BLU sold above 70,000 units in 2009.

Their products are named advance, dash, energy, great series, and many others. Vivo mobiles are also the product of this company.

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Essential products are an American company of electrical consumers—the new product designed by the android co-worker Andy Rubin and marketed by the name of actual products. HP mobile was firstly launched in 2017. The body of mobiles has a ceramic body and edge to edge screen. Besides this, the screen of these mobile protected by gorilla glass. These mobiles running an android system without any modifications. They obtained complimentary views from buys but the little problem in cameras. The company covers these small issues. Firstly, they only sold the 5000 units and because of low marketing. The price of mobiles increased.


An American company manufactures firefly mobiles. The cell phone of this company is designed according to children’s. Also, the age of a child who uses mobile is between 5 to 12 years. This company was founded in 2005. The address book available on phones and can store above 40 contacts. As well as, such programs are available by which parent contact with a child. The pin of any program is given to parents for avoiding an accident. But the texting and downloading options are not available. This mobile has long battery timing and can be longer stand for eight days. The talking time is above 6 hours. These are available in two colors primarily.


Hewlett packed is an American company. It was founded in 1939. Now commonly the company is famous for hp name. The company headquarters of hp in California in the US. This company makes both hardware and software products. Besides this, the history of this company is fascinating and long. This company manufactures the printer, scanner, laptops, and software and android phones. According to a survey, hp is the world’s most valuable brand.



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