7 High-Traffic Marketplaces to Sell Your Products Online

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One of my “my classmates wants” to sell his electronic product online.

He asked, can you please help me figure out High traffic marketplaces to sell my products online? Where can I sell my stuff or products online for free?

I started doing research, and guess what? I get a lot of information about free online selling platforms.

You should know about them.


Here are the seven high-traffic marketplaces to sell your products online.




Like you are the ruler of your home, Amazon is the real king of all the marketplaces where you can sell your products and generate many sales if your product is worth it.

According to Statista, Amazon recorded 579.5 million visitors in November 2020 only on Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon is also the best online marketplace to sell company products.

Guess if visitors are 579.5 million, how easy it will be to sell products online.




eBay is one of the longest and best marketplaces where you can sell your products without any difficulty you have to pay. Unlike Amazon, You can also sell your used products on eBay.

According to the report of 2018 eBay, there were 20 million active sellers.

Although there are many scammers in the form of sellers available in the eBay marketplace, so start working with loyalty and prove to your buyer that you are worth it for them.

You can build the trust of buyers by giving them a return policy on eBay.




If you are creative and can create unique handmade or handcrafted products, then Etsy is for you where you can sell handcrafted and handmade products online.

Etsy is made for people who can create creative things and assure their buyers about quality by utilizing their creative skills.




Shopify is an eCommerce marketplace where you have complete control to design websites and sell your products online without any interference. Shopify offers you free SEO tools, themes, 3D videos for advertisement.

Here you can create your website and generate sales.

You will get a chance to host your E-commerce business.

So why are you waiting to show your skills and create one for you?




Walmart’s online marketplace platform is quite helpful for sellers; it doesn’t charge any monthly fees; they only charge only 6 to 20% referral fee, which depends on the product and its category.

You will be amazed to know that Walmart’s growth in 2020 is 79% in the eCommerce market. I think 79% online marketplace market share is very high, and you should check it out.

Walmart is also an online marketplace in India.

Walmart always approves all the sellers who want to apply on their marketplaces.


Ali express


Ali always focuses on consumers and customers. Aliexpress is a very reasonable marketplace for a buyer as compared to Amazon and Alibaba.

You should start selling on Ali express, especially if you are from Turkey, Spain, Mainland China, France and Russia because here you can quickly get 200 million visitors per month.

You can also sell your products on Ali express, where most buyers visit due to low prices.


Facebook and Instagram


Facebook and Instagram are also virtual marketplace platforms, and they are worth it. Here you can create a business page about your product and upload relevant and beneficial content about your products. After getting a thousand followers, you should start advertising and get traffic from where you can expand your business and get a lot of visitors and increase your product’s sales.

No matter what your product is. It would be best if you did it from today.




No matter which platform you choose from, the top online marketplace of 2019 -2020 from the above-listed ones.

Your sales and your business will only expand when you are loyal to your business.

Yes, if you will give quality-based service on the above-listed platforms, you will be amazed at how beneficial it is to sell your products on the marketplaces mentioned above.

I also suggest you go with a return policy that will only give a festive look to your business and increase the buyer’s trust. And as a result, your business will expand according to you.


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