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­RECLAIM YOUR HEART by Yasmin Mogahed

so i am reading this book called reclaim your heart by Yasmin Mogahed that has already got my heart and showing me a complete different perspective of life, can’t believe that someone reads it and doesn’t gets benefit by its wisdom, though the entire book is worth reading but the few lines that I recently got my eyes on and couldn’t resist my self from sharing were regarding putting your trust in Allah no matter what even if you are on a cliff and a push away from a fall.

In this book reclaim your heart the lines come as ‘ Tawakkul (trusting and relying on Allah) is realising that our Protector has a plan for us. Tawakkul is having complete trust that Allah’s plan is the best plot. Tawakkul is having full faith that Allah will take care of you even when things look impossible. Tawakkul is standing in front of the Red Sea- as Prophet Musa did, knowing that Allah will get him through. It is having full faith that when Allah takes away the umbilical cord, He will replace it with milk.And that tawakkul is not an act of the limbs, it is an act of heart so while limbs are striving hard, the heart is completely reliant on Allah. This means whatever the outcome of the limbs’ striving, the heart will be completely satisfied , knowing that it is the flawless decision of Allah.

As the book Reclaim your heart tells, it does takes a while to realize this but once the trust is placed on its right place that’s where you realize that it was only Allah where you were supposed to find the real happiness and peace, its only here where you realize that even though He removed some close ones from your life or some things that you thought were meant to be yours, its still Him who is making you realize that you are exactly there where you have meant to be, It’s just Him who is holding you and making you realize how your this version of doing the things that you were meant to do is the best version of you than all, Alhumdulillah.



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