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What the firsts thing comes into your mind when you hear the word technology?


“Technology includes all tools, machines, utensils, weapons, instruments, housing, clothing, communicating and transporting devices and the skills by which we produce and use them.” (Bain,1937)

Yes! Technology has made our life easier, but not necessarily happier. You should ask yourself this question if technology harming you, your family, and your friend? We are getting unaware of our surroundings, our priorities have been changed, and even if we don’t want to be a part of this relativity-advancing world, we will still end up being dragged along because we don’t have a choice.

 How fast technology has progressed I am afraid it might end up ruining our lives.

It all goes back to 1800 when the telephone was invented, people had a question to ask “Do we need this?” they were afraid they will become deaf. But see what happened after all these years, we not only become deaf but also got blind. We only see our screen, not our parents and our food, and we only hear podcasts and songs but not our children’s sweet voices.

You will find numerous searches on how microwave ovens can cause cancer, how violent games have an effect on our children’s behaviors, and how media brainwashed our minds.

But, we can’t push aside the fact that technology has made our life 100 times easier. Technology isn’t evil by itself, but its benefits come with a cost. Many of these technologies were developed to help organize our lives, while others promise to keep us happier for longer. Chatting on WhatsApp group while completely ignoring the person sitting in front of us, checking phone after every other second, and forgetting about our hobbies. All this advanced technology has damaged the environment and earth.

We are ruining our lives. Let’s take social media as an example, it is almost impossible to avoid smartphones. Why social media often get compared to drugs? I am not saying that it does not have its benefit. Especially, in times during Covid-19, it gives us a way to connect to the world but we have become more distant from our own reality. Our worth gets defined by the followers and likes we get on social media. We are becoming vulnerable to these apps. We all living a FAKE life on the internet.

The main threat it causes is a lack of Physical activates. Limbs are getting numb and while we watch our favorite show on Netflix, playing games sitting on our bumps, eating like a monster, we are becoming obese day by day.

There needs to be more advancement in human consciousness or else an advancement of technology will overtake humanity. Every individual should take measures to control his obsession with evolving technology. Is it for good or bad? You decide.


Bain, R. (1937). Technology and State Government. American Sociological Review, 2(6), 860–874. 

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