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Can Turtles Eat Bananas-Should You Feed Turtle Bananas

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Fruits specifically shouldn’t be offered too soft to turtles because of their high sugar content. The acid and sugar found in bananas and different fruits will hurt pet turtles if they eat them too usually. However, bananas do contain high biological process price and might tend to pet turtles sometimes.

Can Turtles Eat Bananas

Turtles can eat bananas. Within the wild, turtles like to munch on something they will find; usually, they’ll feast upon things like insects, fish, bananas, and strawberries in nature. But one thing vital to stay in mind is that turtles ought to have ne’er an excessive amount of 1 kind of food, and may solely tend fruit on rare occasions if not in the least.

Fruit features a high quantity of sugar that can be harmful to the turtle if fed too oft. The sugar content and acid, etc. in fruits will cause a turtle’s abdomen to bloat up and cause pain and symptoms and various health issues.

Some pet house owners have found that feeding their turtles bananas on rare occasions is that the best methodology that combines it with a varied diet helps. Consultants have advised that bananas each currently then for a turtle will be a healthy selection.

Should You Feed Turtle Bananas?

While giving a banana to your turtle will be utterly safe, will it mean that you just should?

The health of your turtle is, after all, the utmost priority, and it’s your obligation because the owner to confirm it’s pretty much as useful. After all, it will be. However, there’s additionally the argument that you just ought to reward and treat your turtle from time to time, and fruit will be a pleasure thanks to trying this.

There are reports of turtle house owners that are quite astonished by their pet turtle’s love and want for bananas. Some even become particularly fussy and careful with their food inside the hope for other banana as they might preferably this feast than their different feed.

Why Feed Bananas to Turtles In Moderation?

We’ve already touched on now concisely. However, it’s vital to moderate what quantity of banana a turtle consumes. Here are the most two reasons why:

Sugar: Bananas have tons of sugar in them. Whereas this is often present and might give energy, it’ll be a problem in excess. Your turtle won’t solely struggle to method it (causing organic process problems); however, it may promote weight gain. Since turtles have already got a large quantity of weight, they have to hold around through their shell, keeping their charge is usually helpful.

Fiber: Poses another risk. An excessive amount of this may be a real drawback for turtles in excess. An excessive amount will result in chronic internal organ issues and will even cause constipation.

It is additionally suggested to refrain from giving the peel to your turtles. Industrial banana skins usually carry toxic chemicals used as pesticides, which will cause problems for turtles (and another animal for that matter if consumed). It’s additionally a challenge to digest, will cause internal organ problems, and might close up the tank and find you floating around. If you commit to feeding your turtle some banana, it’s thus suggested to peel it initially.

Perhaps one of the simplest things to try and do if you’re still undecided is to talk along with your Vet. Your Vet can grasp what’s best for your turtle and what they will and can’t eat safely. you’ll even get some insights into your turtle and its specific wants.

Tips to recollect once Feeding Your Turtle Bananas:-

This fruit will be a tasty treat for your turtle to consume sometimes. Here ar some terminal tips that may make sure your turtle enjoys them and remains insensible health:

  • If you commit to feeding your turtle banana, introduce it slowly and in little chunks over time.
  • Wait till your turtle is a minimum of 6-12 months recent before you introduce doubtless difficult foods.
  • Bananas, and different fruits, shouldn’t conjure over 5-10% of your turtle’s diet.
  • Monitor, however, your turtle reacts to bananas and different fruits. If you are doing not see any problems, still feed them sparsely.
  • Always stop feeding bananas if you see negative consequences by doing, therefore (bowel movement, behavior changes)
  • Bananas ought to be used as a treat, not as a full meal by themselves. Pellets, Vegetables, Insects ought to be enclosed too.
  • Do not introduce over one kind of fruit at a time.

Do you have a Pet Turtle?

If your pet may be a turtle, then you must grasp that it’s carnivorous. It’d in all probability hunt and eat live creatures in its natural surroundings, like snails, worms, and every one different creeping creatures. They’re a decent supply of supermolecule, and turtles realize them to be delicious!

Once your turtle lives with you as a pet, you would like to supply it with similar live foods. Just in case you’re sick, whereas handling insects or worms, or if you’re an eater, you have got a responsibility towards your pet to beat your limitations and supply it right foods.

Benefits of Feeding Turtles with Bananas:-

The banana may be a fruit with a high biological process price. It’s logical to assume that feeding your turtles with its sensible. This is a number of the advantages of intake bananas:

  • Bananas are made in antioxidants, fiber, and natural sugars.
  • They acknowledge it because of the superfoods.
  • Bananas are made in water-soluble vitamin, potassium, and different vital minerals.
  • They facilitate moderate blood glucose levels once a meal.
  • They improve organic process health.
  • Bananas are made in nutrients that are essential for heart health.

The bottom line is that bananas are very healthy and sensible for intake. However, most of those edges are strictly associated with individuals.


As you have got seen, turtles will eat bananas. Some turtles get pleasure from it such a lot that they’ll not eat their regular foods, hoping that they will get extra bananas. However, one question arises among several others. Feeding turtles with bananas will be safe; however, will it mean you should? And therefore, the answer is affirmative, however, sparsely. Bananas have high biological process values, and feeding your turtle with them will positively affect their overall health.



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