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Winter and Lollipop
Written by Malaika Shahab


Currently In Middle School.

Poems: Winter Here We Come – Lollli Pops

Sep 24, 2020 | 0 comments

Winter Here We Come!

Summer has gone at last!

We have the winter to enjoy

All the heat we suffered from

Sweating all day long

Some benefits we have

Some negatives we have

We can’t have ice – cream

We can’t swim either

But we’ll drink hot coco

And we’ll eat marshmallows

We’ll wear our hats

Scarves and jackets

No T – shirt not even a sun hat

All put away

Safely in the cupboard

The winter is here

Let’s welcome the snow!

Lolly Pops

A Lolli pop is as sweet as sweet as honey

It comes in many flavors such as blueberries

Its shapes vary in every way

It tastes so good everyday

It’s full of sugar no wonder why it’s unhealthy

But as you see my dear friends, it spoils everyone’s teeth

It feels so smooth when you put it on your tongue

It says “crack” when you bite on it

I’d like the taste to be lemon or cherry

You might want it to be blue berry

But last of all I forgot to say

Is that the lolli pop day

Is on the month of May

So come and enjoy the lolli pops, it’ll be such a great day



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