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Breast Cancer in Pakistan| Reasons for breast cancer

Sep 26, 2020 | 0 comments

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common health problem in women. It is a type of cancer that grows from the tissue of the breast. 30% of all cancer in women takes place in the breast. One million new cases of breast tumor are reported each year.

Women with old age, overweight, having a middle-class family background, and incomplete pregnancies increases the risk of this condition.

Smoking, hormonal change, physical activities, and breast cancer in family members also increase the risk of it.

Breast cancer in Pakistan

In Pakistan, breast tumor is among the top 20 causes of death. Pakistan has the highest rate of this disorder in Asia, large number of women are developing this disease, which is conveyed from mother to daughter.

Most of the women living in poor conditions and they can’t afford expensive treatments for breast tumor and that’s why most women face this condition in Pakistan.

In the following list, Pakistan’s ranking is showed according to the type of cancer in the world.

Pakistan cancer rank by type

Type                                    Rate                        World Rank

Breast Cancer                       19.33                                   58

Oral Cancer                          9.40                                      10

Lung Cancer                         7.81                                      121

Stomach Cancer                   6.66                                     97

Cervical Cancer                   6.56                                      78

Esophagus Cancer              6.17                                        42

Lymphomas                         4.85                                       106

Colon-Rectum Cancer       4.08                                       149

Leukemia                             3.61                                         112

Bladder Cancer                   2.86                                        80

Liver Cancer                        2.69                                        172

Prostate Cancer                  2.53                                         164

Ovary Cancer                      2.36                                          81

Other Neoplasm’s              1.57                                           147

Pancreas Cancer                 0.90                                         172

Uterine Cancer                   0.51                                            142

Skin Cancer                         0.31                                            170

Impotent Reasons for breast cancer


An unhealthy diet is the main reason for all cancers. Girls who eat high-fat food during puberty may have a high risk of developing breast tumor later in life. 

First Childbirth

Women who give birth to their first child after 35 also have a risk of this type of cancer.


Breastfeeding protects women from breast tumor. Women are at risk who doesn’t feed their child through breastfeeding.

Overweight and Physical activities

High-fat food leads to overweight and increased the risk of breast tumor after 30. Exercises and healthy physical activities reduce the risk of this type of cancer.

Breast cancer in family members

Breast tumor history in family members increases the risk, especially in mother and sister cases. The risk increases double when two or more family members are affected by breast tumor.


Modern studies prove that women who start smoking after delivery or first childbirth increased the risk of cancer.


Uses of anti-hypertensive drugs more than 5 years or during pregnancy also increases the risk of this disease.


Pakistan is a developing country and most women living in ruler areas facing problems like poor family, lack of education, young age marriages, and many other issues. We all need awareness about breast cancer, treatment, healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, correct age for marriage, and childbirth planning. Regularly examine your self or by professional and avoid unnecessary medication.



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