The Seasons You Met

Aug 29, 2020 | 6 comments

Even when you were going through hell there came a time when spring entered your life and everything around you started blooming. The dull became exciting and it seemed like there was no sad ever.
But when it went away the roses that bloomed had to die.

You met summer and it gave you hope again taking away the pain all those dead flowers brought.
You tried to keep up but you felt that the heat wasn’t enough to warm your heart.

Winter was there too. All quiet and peaceful but you always disliked the silence which lingered within.
When it left you had it in your mind. Your head filled with questions you never had the chance to ask.
With words you never got to utter.
And even though it never talked it’s presence however mattered.

The chills you felt in its presence meant more than the spring that brought flowers and the summer that warmed your heart.



  1. Ahsan Khan

    I don’t remember the last I read something this good.!

  2. Merciless Hime

    Love the symbolism❤️❤️ And the whole idea of it feels so relatable. This such a lovely prose. 💕

  3. Shahid

    This is so heart touching and beautiful.

  4. loric394

    Oof love this🥺🥺❤

  5. Rabbia

    Wow ♥️ beautifully written ! Keep it up girl 👍

  6. Munifa

    Loved it sm 💓


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