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Written by Maria Almas

Trump vs. Joe Biden | Fair election Campaign

Sep 29, 2020 | 1 comment

In this article, we will talk about Trump vs. Joe Biden election Campion, political achievement, future plans, Senator Bernie Sanders exit from the Democratic race.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ exit from the Democratic race means that Joseph R. Biden Jr. and President Trump have no remaining rivals. The two men have already drawn strong lines of the battle for the campaign, portraying the race as a choice between the sturdily conventional conception of American presidential leadership by Mr. Biden and the boldly divisive approach by Mr. Trump.

Fair election Campaigns Of Trump vs. Joe-Biden election 

The president and the Republican National Committee’s campaign raised a collective $165 m in July, raising his already formidable war chest when the incumbent is trailing Joe Biden. His presumptive Democratic challenger, in the national opinion polls, taking their overall haul over $1bn in this campaign cycle.

Voters express their support in several different ways for President Trump. Contributing to his campaign is one of the most personal as they feel confident in his achievements and the country’s potential success.

Biden’s campaign reported that the former vice president and the Democratic National Committee had raised a combined $140 million in July. According to polling average Real Clear Politics, Mr. Biden enjoys a national seven-point lead over Mr. Trump with less than three months to go until Election Day. 

Mr. Biden out-raised Mr. Trump in May and June in a trend that his campaign pointed to as evidence of the former vice president’s growing enthusiasm for voters.

The latest statistics show that Mr. Trump raised $25 m more than Mr. Biden raised in July, and has some $300 m of cash on hand compared to $294 m his opponent.

Comparing Trump and Biden’s Economic Policies

The person elected U.S. President will have a unique and challenging role in November 2020— managing the nation’s economic recovery following a global pandemic that could cause unemployment to rise to levels not seen since the Great Depression.

The IMF estimates that this year, U.S. financial performance will decline by 5.9 %, following its GDP growth of 2.3 %. And the hope is that the economy will recover rapidly once the virus prevention steps are removed, and the virus is defeated.

However, uncertainty about the nature of the virus and long waiting for a vaccine or therapy has reduced the chances of recovery in the “V-shaped” form. When parts of the economy open and shut, the U.S. will be prepared for 18 months of rolling lockdowns.

This means the candidates’ economic policies become much more critical during the 2020 election. The individual with America’s more compelling strategy may very well be winning.

Coronavirus Aid for state

Biden has attacked the management of coronavirus prevention measures by President Donald Trump up to now. Specifically, Biden called for the next government stimulus and relief plan to be greater than $2 trillion in a Politico interview and said it would provide even more state aid and come with a higher degree of control. There’s none right now, he says.

Trump has signed four bills intended to provide support for the U.S. economy. The first bill, signed on March 6, 2020, allocated $8.3 billion to fund various initiatives. On March 18, the Family First Coronavirus Response Act was signed. He has also  signed the $2-trillion CARES Act on March 27, 2020. With $484 billion, the fourth bill was signed on April 24 and nearly restored programs established under the CARES Act.

Trump vs. Joe-Biden election Campion

Here we compare President Trump’s economic policies with the presumptive Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.


Trump intends to expand individual tax reform to 2017. Throughout the next decade, the Trump administration has proposed drastic cuts in health care spending, especially for Medicaid ($900 billion) and Medicare ($450 billion). It is about the Department of Health and Human Services for $94.5 billion.

The trade war with China has been at the core of Trump’s foreign agenda. And he vowed to position “America first” in all relations with countries and penalize any U.S. with a large trade deficit. He thinks American businesses overseas are being taxed unfairly. In the first three years since Trump took office, the U.S. economy generated 6.6 million jobs.

The idea of Trump to stimulate job growth is a $2 trillion bill through infrastructure. Moreover, he has floated the government’s concept of purchasing plane tickets worth four or five years to help cash the industry.

Joe Biden

  • Biden will rollback tax cuts and impose a payroll tax on those who earn more than $400,000.
  • He is the one who opposes Medicare for all, wants to create a public option and wants to reduce Medicare to 60
  • Biden needs a coalition of international allies to get China under pressure.
  • With the infrastructure plan, he aims to generate “millions of middle-class jobs.” It includes developing infrastructure for renewable energy, anchoring organizations and the climate resilience industries


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