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Want a better height? Here are 5 ways to appear taller naturally!

Aug 17, 2020 | 0 comments

Why should you care about your height?

Have you ever felt short among many people or thought I wish I was an inch taller? I know you must think so, because according to a study, 70% of men worldwide are generally less than 5 feet and 10 inches tall, while 80% of women are up to 5 feet and 4 inches tall. This fact tells you that more than half of the world’s population suffers from anxiety and depression due to the complexity of their height.

Yes, that’s right because you and I are in the same predicament. But don’t worry, in this article, you will find how to become taller by following these top 5 tactics at home! Just say ‘Yes’ to tips and ‘No’ to medications.

1  Try to get a good posture:

You may notice people who are blessed with good height but they look unattractive and imperfect. It is because they don’t have a good body shape.

Good posture makes you look taller and slimmer. It keeps your bones and joints in the correct alignment. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed. Always balance your whole weight on both feet.

Moreover, try to pull in your abdomen. It will strengthen the muscles of your waist and back.

Thus, a good body posture is equally important as a good height. Otherwise, it will be like you have a home with no rooms in it.

2  Stroll outside on sunny days:

You are definitely aware of Vitamin-D and its importance regarding to bones especially. Molecules of Vitamin-D in our skin are activated by rays of the Sun. Vitamin-D is also dubbed as ‘the sunshine vitamin’. In other words, sunlight triggers the production of Vitamin-D.

The sunshine vitamin helps in calcium absorption and promotes bone growth. In order to grow your bones stronger, you should have a morning walk under the sunbeams.

3  Sleep more!

It sounds weird but you read exactly correct. Anyways, I love sleeping and I know you do too !

It is crazy to learn that children grow more when they are sleeping. So If you want to see results, sleep soundly upto eight hours. Along with this, your sleeping posture also plays an important role in getting taller. For the best results, lay down on your back without a pillow.


Getting enough sleep is also important because it overcomes weight. Your weight is directly proportional to height and posture of your body. Therefore it is important to maintain your weight which is only possible by taking peaceful sleep.

Eat high-calcium foods throughout the day and get plenty of Vitamin-D and K rich foods. Try to intake enough amount of protein in case if you don’t like meat, try to eat beans and eggs to get the better of this need.

A diet which is rich in nutrients and minerals can prevent bone loss. You might be thinking that these tips are written for making bones strong but not to increase height. You are right but this should be in your mind that if you don’t have strong bones you cant grow tall. For that reason, You need to intake proper nutrients.

These  tips will surely help you if you take them seriously. Work on yourself and be the best among your friends and fellows.

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