Air India Plane Tragedy at Kozhikode

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Air India Plane Tragedy how did the flight crash while landing on a table-top runway?According to AAI, the Air India Express Plane, carrying 190 people from Dubai, touched down near a taxiway about 1,000 meters from the start of the runway at the Kozhikode airport on Friday before breaking into two pieces.
The ill-fated pilot-IX-1344– was unable to see the runway during the first attempted landing due to heavy rains. When landing, the Boeing 737-800 aircraft overshot the runway and plunged 35 feet into a slope before breaking up into two pieces.

What are the causes of a post-crash fire?

Usually, an aircraft carries a large quantity of highly inflammable aviation turbine fuel, which is stored in its belly tanks and two wings. When an aircraft makes an uncontrolled impact with the ground or an object, the structural damage to the hull could cause the tanks to rupture, resulting in fuel or oil leakage, which could lead to an explosive fire if sparked off. Additionally, the aircraft carries flammable goods, such as batteries and chemicals; fire may also be ignited.
The airport is one of Kerala’s more prominent international terminals, built on top of a hill with limited space at the end of the runway. “The aircraft was unable to land on the runway where it had to. So, the landing was on another runway where the mishap occurred,” the minister for civil aviation said. Civil Aviation Directorate-General officials said, “the visibility at Kozhikode was 2,000 meters due to heavy rain and after landing at Runway 10, the aircraft continued to run to the end of the runway and fell into the valley and broke into two parts.”
A tabletop runway is a runway up a plateau or hill, with one or both ends adjacent to a steep elevation dropping into a gorge. Such an airport presents a challenge for the pilots when they land. Conditions at the time of the landing of flight IX-1344 (a heavy monsoon rain that made the surface slick of the runway) were another challenge.

What happens when there is a post-crash fire?

Air-india-crashAfter a crash-landing, when an aircraft becomes engulfed in flames, evacuating the aircraft is much more difficult for people aboard. This also restricts the first respondent’s ability to perform the evacuation process.
Rescue operations were finished around midnight, and airport operations continued at 3 am Saturday.
“49 people have been discharged from different hospitals in Malappuram and Kozhikode till now. Fourteen people remain in critical condition,” Gopalakrishnan said. The remaining 109 people are being treated at different hospitals. Eighteen people lost their lives, including the pilot and co-pilot of the Dubai AIE flight

Black Box Recovered From Crashed Air India Express plane In Kerala:

Black boxes-a digital flight data recorder and a voice recorder in the cockpit store vital information including information on the performance, speed, braking, and system status of an aircraft, as well as records of pilot conversations. These will be important to help aviation investigators understand what happened. The flight data recorders were found this morning and were sent for analysis to Delhi.


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