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Police Brutality: A Growing Problem

Sep 20, 2020 | 0 comments

Police brutality is a civil rights violation where law enforcement officers exercise excessive force against a subject. All around the world, the police have unlimited control and do as they please.

Over the years, it has grown like a disease. People don’t feel safe when they are around people anymore but instead they feel scared and anxious. As to what the police might to do them and especially if you are a person of color.

A lot of policemen grow up with the mentality that they have people under them  as their slaves.

Examples Of Police Brutality


Police beat many people viciously because they were protesting against insulting of Islam. On 26 January 2017, police officers take hundreds of protestors, in Shah bag, Bangladesh, against Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company . The protestors were violently mistreated. They had a water cannon and baton charges used on them


Police have targeted the Islamic extremists in the country. In most cases, they are either killed or captured. Criminal investigations into human rights violations by the police are rare and also punishments are light. As well as, Indonesia has no independent national firm to deal effectively with public complaints.

Amnesty International has called on Indonesia to public order policing to ensure that they meet international standards and review police tactics during arrests.


Over there, there is an association made between Vienna’s drug problem and the city’s African migrants, which have led to African migrants being racially profiled. The most notorious incidents occurred in the late 1990s, Vienna Police Department for Special Investigations investigate incidents as recent as 2019.


They have a history of police brutality, including the use of torture particularly between 1977 and 2002. Police brutality featured excessive use of tear gas, pepper spray, and water cannons.


Their law enforcement is in multiple tiers including forces under provincial and federal government control. The law strictly prohibits any physical abuse of convicted or suspected criminals.

But, due to deficiencies during the training process, instances of suspected police brutality takes place often. Police authorities as well as civil courts often investigate reported cases that lead to mixed outcomes.

Just recently, a case of hit and run was take place. A guy killed someone and caught on video, yet the police let him walk. Half the cops in this country  would do anything just for money.

Public’s Perspective About Brutality

All around Europe, white people kill the black people.  Recently, similar thing happen to George Floyd. And his death was caught on video, a nine minute video which started a movement all across the globe.

Riots were taking place every day and even then, the cops did not bring justice. They went to jail a month later and that’s when the people just sort of calmed down.

In Asia, people are captive by the police and executed just because the police felt it was right. When people hear intruders in their house, they don’t call the cops. They defend themselves. That’s how afraid people are of the police.

Personal Opinion

Honestly, the police don’t go to prison. They rarely pay for their crimes and it needs to change. The system needs to change. What do you do when the people who are responsible to protect you, are the ones you need protection from?



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