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Deceive Depression During COVID-19

Have you noticed emotional disturbance and mood swings during COVID-19? Due to disturbance in daily life activities, it becomes a global problem but you...

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Homemade Biscuits – How to Bake Perfect Ones

Are you interested to bake homemade biscuits? Kept in mind, that in baking don’t rush ahead with ingredients that are not the right temperature. Baking...

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Anger Management | How To Manage your Anger

Anger is a normal emotion that every individual experiences. However, it may be an unwanted negative feeling in most situations. Anger management describes the skills that...

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Systolic And Diastolic Heart Failure

Heart failure is a serious and long-term worldwide public health issue. It is more likely to happen as you age but everyone can develop...

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Muscles Relaxation Techniques | What To Know

Muscle tension is the reaction of our body towards fear or anxiety. This can result in a feeling of tension or can lead to...

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