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Police Brutality: A Growing Problem

Police brutality is a civil rights violation where law enforcement officers exercise excessive force against a subject. All around the world, the police have...

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Early Marriages in Pakistan

The prospect of a child turning eighteen and getting married off to the most beneficial family for the parents has been a tradition for...

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Career Counseling in Pakistan

 As students grow old, their ambitions grow mature but most of them still have their first grade dreams, becoming a pilot, being an actor,...

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What is Neuralink?

What is Neuralink? Elon Musk's Genius Neuralink Corporation Elon Musk has a talent for making some of his craziest visions about technology coming to life. Mars...

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The Light behind The Darkness

I know you're scared, anxious that life will never feel the same. You're hopelessly drowning in sorrows, thinking it'll stay this way forever, you'll...

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